Main Lodge

4 bedrooms, 2 living spaces, tons of space, all of the amenities.

Priced at 999 per person* / 6 days, with a minimum group size of 2, and a max. of 6

Comfort Cabin.

Suited for groups of 2 or 3.  This cabin includes electricity and a propane furnace.

Priced at 775 per person* / 6 days, with a minimum group size of two.

Essentials Cabin

Suited for two people.  It is a newly built, well insulated log cabin, with solar lighting.

Priced at $1000* per pair / 6 days


Active Bear Stands

Each guest will be provided with the use of a baited and active site.
We offer tree stands, ground blinds, and our portable hunting trailer**

We have an abundance of Turkey

There are various good locations, on our private land for turkey hunters integrated with our Spring bear hunt program.  At all 3 places, its not uncommon to hear these birds in the morning and see them out the window throughout the day.


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*Price based on 6 days for one bear site per person.  Permission to hunt turkey is included at no additional cost.  We do not offer shorter stays.  Extended stays may be possible, depending on availability.  Contact us for full details.

**Our custom hunting trailer is offered at an additional fee and requires prior arrangement to set up.  Additional fees do not apply for the physically challenged, parties with young children, and/or other special needs situations.  Hunt locations for the trailer are limited to where accessible.